Traditional and Therapeutic Diets

A traditional diet is one which is inspired by a rich culinary history, from differing cultures and climates. The traditional diet of indigenous Australians will vary from the traditional diet of Eskimos. Their individual diet will be suited to their constitution , genetics and climate. As such, we understand that there is not just “one diet for all”.

Some diets are higher in vegetables, others in legumes.  Some diets are high in seafood whilst other include more game meats and some even include insects! 

What they often have in common is that they celebrate seasonal and regional produce and the pleasures of eating as an individual, a family and a community. This is something that we appear to have lost in our modern lives.

Today, people are more and more disconnected with how food is grown and prepared than we have ever been in our history. This means a lack of connection to food, to self and to community is a contributing factor in the rise in chronic disease.

We strongly believe in the benefits of bringing aspects of tradition and culture back into the kitchen/garden and table, for ourselves and for future generations. Our long term goal is always to have as much variety in the diet as possible.

While we always like to look at the bigger picture and adhere to principles around food and eating, we also acknowledge that when there is a state of dysbiosis or dis-ease, then there is a role for therapeutic diets, and good clinical support to make sure that the diet is right for you. The longer term goal is to see the diet return to as much variety as possible.

Some of these diets include Gluten Free/Casein Free diet, FODMAP diet and the Mediterranean diet, just to name a few.

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