Stress as Your Friend

Stress is unavoidable. A stress response is a biological and necessary process. However we are not designed to trigger this stress response as often as is common in todays lives. This can have far reaching impacts on your digestion, food choices, immune function, healing capacity, mental health and sleep.

What can you do? 

Sometimes you just need more tools in your toolbox, and the right people to help you facilitate them.

Mindfulness is the practice of being present here and now, paying attention to what is happening within your body and the outside world. Practicing mindfulness is a technique that can help you break the disruptive thoughts and automated reactions. 

Another powerful tool to assist with stress is practising gratitude and kindness. Acknowledging all that is positive in your life and sharing your kindness, are attitudes that make a difference to not only yourself but also your family, community and broader relationships.

Here at Kind Health we do not expect you to live in a state of enlightenment! Building resilience is about expanding your toolbox with positive interactions, in order to help you manage your stress.

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