The science is clearly in. Movement benefits so many aspects of your health. What you choose to do and your relationship with movement will vary from one person to the next.

We have worked on some different ways to help you think about this for yourself and hopefully inspired you to consider and plan for how you will move this year. 

For February we will do a step challenge with you. We hope the goal is achievable for most and if you can do more, that is great too.


 #1 - Sync your devices
  ...Sync your wearable activity trackers 25 Sync now
#2 -  Do the walking challenge    
  ...Gain points by achieving 5000 steps or more per day 290 Join
 #3 - Read an article
  …Exercise-what is stopping you? 25 Read
  …Baked Salmon With Herbs 25 Read
 #4 - Watch a video
  ...Reframe Physical Activity 25 Watch
  ...Inspirational Cool Tunes 25 Watch





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