Food and Nourish

We see nutrition as a key pillar to good health

For us at KIND health, there are so many good reasons for buying local and seasonal produce.

Seasonal variability - buying more of what is in season means your food changes with the seasons, in doing this, you are increasing the variety in your diet. Variety in your diet is key to your gut microbiota and therefore your health.

Reduce food miles - getting cherries from America in our winter, means that those cherries have to travel a long way. We believe that our food choices should also take into consideration the the cost to the planet.

Reduced cost - seasonal fruit and vegetables are in abundance when they are in season, and therefore cost less to the consumer. We all know the joy of cheap mangoes in the height of summer.

Supporting the local growers/farmers - who doesn’t love this?

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Local Farmers Markets on the Central Coast

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