Welcome to the community where we are all about sharing and supporting each other in our wellbeing journey. Here you will find inspiration and success stories, recipes and photos that have been shared by your fellow colleagues. You also have the opportunity to make a wellbeing commitment or encourage others by saying thank you and recognising a colleague. Jump in and get involved, you never know who you might inspire.


Kind Health loves the words of Professor Susan Prescott who quotes: 

“To restore human health, we must restore the health of our society and our relationship with the natural environment– with a greater sense of unity, place and purpose”

Your own sense of purpose, connection with people in “your tribe” and nurturing relationships with family and loved ones all favourably shapes your health outcomes.

Kind Health is passionate about connecting community, both within and more broadly.  We will be working with local community businesses or organisations that can help you on your health journey.


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